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Photography by Keiko Ikeuchi

Fabian Pregel

Career Development Fellow in Philosophy at Christ Church, University of Oxford

    Welcome to my website! I am a Career Development Fellow in Philosophy at Christ Church, University of Oxford. At Christ Church, I am also the Director of Studies for the undergraduate degrees Mathematics & Philosophy, Computer Science & Philosophy and Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics.

    I did a DPhil (that is, PhD) in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where I worked under the supervision of Prof Alexander Paseau, Prof Volker Halbach and Dr Wesley Wrigley on a thesis titled 'Neo-Logicism and Gödelian Incompleteness'.

    Research Interests

    My research is situated at the intersection of logic with adjacent disciplines such as philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, epistemology and computer science. I believe many questions of philosophical interest arise here.



    ‘Reply to Sprenger’s “A Novel Solution to the Problem of Old Evidence”’. Philosophy of Science

    ‘Neo-Logicism and Gödelian Incompleteness’. Mind 131 (524): 1055–82. Winning entry for the Mind Graduate Essay Prize.

    ‘Deductivism in the Philosophy of Mathematics’ (with Alexander Paseau). In The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.



    Tutorials & Classes


    Classes / Tutorials I teach:

    • Introductory Logic (1st year course)

    • Philosophical Logic (3rd year course)

    • Philosophy of Mathematics  (3rd year course)

    • Philosophy of Language and Logic   (3rd year course)

    • Knowledge & Reality (Epistemology and Metaphysics)   (3rd year course)

    • Frege’s Foundations of Arithmetic (1st year course)

    • Turing on Computability and Intelligence (1st year course)

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